How the Pledge Process Works in a Sorority

We've all seen the movies and heard the horror stories about pledging a sorority.  Pledging, however, is a time honored tradition among sororities, and there is an actual process behind it.


When a sorority chooses to accept a new member, that new member is called a pledge.  The pledge begins the process of becoming a full member of the sorority by learning about the sorority itself.  A pledge must learn the entire history of the sorority they are looking to join, and all of the facts important to its members.  Educational sessions and meetings are mandatory for pledges, meaning that they do need to commit a serious amount of time to the process.


Although many people think of hazing when they think of committing to a sorority, it really is a minimal if not non-existent part of the process.  Many campuses have rules against hazing, and even for those who don't, the hazing process usually just consists of the pledges having to wait on the full members.


One of the most memorable parts for many pledges of the pledging process is the big-little bond.  Every pledge is assigned a “big” meant to signify a big sister.  The big sister teaches and helps the little sister through the process, and these bonds often last a lifetime.


Once the pledging process is complete, the pledge has the opportunity to fully commit to the sorority.  They honor this as a lifetime commitment, and receive a pin with sorority letters.  Many sororities use nametags, which now are available in a magnetic form, so as not to destroy their clothing.


Being a part of a sorority opens up doors and opportunities by creating lifelong bonds between members.  The pledging process is meant to educate hopefuls on the seriousness of this commitment, and give them the opportunity to decide against participation if they feel they are not ready for the commitment required.



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Nametags are Beneficial to the Workplace

Employees everywhere seem to, for some reason, not enjoy wearing nametags.  With so many designs available, it has become easier to get employees to wear them, especially since they are now lighter and come in many different shapes and forms.  What most employees don't know is that there is a good reason for wearing their nametags. Name Tags have been shown to have a positive impact on the workplace. Ask Cogdill Builders of Florida - Your Local Home Builders. They purchased nametags for their employees and customers noticed right away.


It makes employees more approachable for customers.  No one likes to be put in the position of saying, “Hey, you”, and you can't do one hundred percent of the communication initiating one hundred percent of the time.  There will be instances where you are preoccupied or busy, and a consumer will need to get your attention.  Knowing your name makes this process easier, and takes away a bit of the pressure to constantly check on your customers.


Name badges are also shown to create consistency and unity.  In order to achieve this, all employees must wear name badges, from management down.  It helps those in other departments learn the names of their coworkers, creates a unified environment, and helps new employees become acquainted.  Studies have also shown that employees feel more motivated and professional while wearing a nametag, and are more likely to show pride in their representation of a company.


Marketing can be a side benefit of name tags, especially if your company name or logo is present on the nametags.  It's a form of branding throughout your business, so customers never forget the name of the place they got that great (insert product here)!


Wearing a nametag can unify your employees, create consistency, and brand your business.  These benefits make wearing nametags a beneficial addition to your company.



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Creating a Professional Atmosphere for your Office

Creating a professional environment when designing your office is important to conducting your business.  It is the first impression your clients will get when they see you for an appointment, the way you will stay organized, and the space where you will spend much of your time.  In order to create a professional atmosphere, there are a few simple rules you should follow.


Rule number one is to decorate your office according to your profession.  Think about what your client wants from you and the expectation they have about your job.  You may think a large mahogany desk, leather bound books and a large office chair looks professional, and you'd be right if you are an accountant, lawyer, or insurance agent.  If you are a wedding planner, however, you will probably want a more light-hearted feel to your office.  Pictures of past weddings, lighter furniture, and pastel walls will make clients think of weddings in a traditional sense.


One of our clients, Cornerstone Furnished Apartments who has short term furnished apartments, is great at decorating an office according to your profession or niche!


Rule number two is to combine the reflection of your profession with the reflection of yourself.  Don't be afraid to get a little funky with your design.  A professional office is subtle with a few personal details that stay in the mind of your visitors.  They will remember the items that are signature to you.


Finally, the third rule is to brand yourself throughout your office.  Business is built on recommendation, and the last thing you want is for someone to say they had a fantastic experience but they can't remember your name.  You want to brand in a way that is memorable but not overbearing.  Office signs and desk nameplates are subtle but clear, and people see them as soon as they walk in, and during their time in your office.


Creating a professional and memorable environment for your office will bring you repeat business, help you close deals, and increase your referrals.  The right office space can create a positive and motivational environment for you and your business for years to come.






Types of Nametags

There are millions of reasons why you might need to wear or provide nametags throughout your career and even in your personal life.  Thankfully, there are many different types of nametags available which can meet any need.  Here are a few of the nametags that are available.
Magnetic nametags are very popular because they don’t leave any marks on clothing.  The back is placed under the layer of clothing, while the front sits comfortably in front.  The magnet is strong and does not come off until removed.  They are the most popular type of nametag, so pinning them down to a certain profession is impossible.  However, positions where you are expected to dress professionally and without uniform often use this nametag.
Wooden name tags are increasingly possible for their eco-friendly status.  These nametags have the name and information embedded into the tag, giving it a carved appearance.  While many businesses choose this option, you will definitely see them in a lot of outdoor or camping stores.
Metal name tags are used for a high-end, very professional look.  They give an elegant look to your name tag, and are typically worn in an extremely professional environment.  These are used frequently for management positions or corporate level positions, and well as bridal shops.
Alternatively, a more relaxed environment may go for a custom shaped badge.  These fun badges are available in multiple shapes and colors, and reflect the theme of the business or group wearing them.  This is common in sports retail, schools, and events.
Another use of shaped nametags is a stock shaped nametag.  This is a more elegant approach to alternatively shaped nametags, and is perfect for spas and salons, among other businesses.
Photo name tags are often seen in high security positions where personnel need to be identifiable.  Schools, hospitals, and labs use photo name tags, and while they are available in pin form you will typically see them on a lanyard so they are easily shown to others for identification.
No matter what your needs, nametags have increased their range and usefulness, making them available in many forms.